N95 Medical Use Mask

N95 Medical Use Mask Specifications

• Manufactured in ISO 13485 company.
• CE, FDA license.
• Noish standard.
• Filters bacteria, dust, fog haze, automobile exhaust with high efficiency.
• Has fluid resistance, effective to resist Flu and viruses including Covid-19.
• Comfort and fit design, comfortable to wear.
• Suitable for medical, dental use, as well as for cleaners, construction workers, cleaning works and others.
• Colour: White
• Quantity per box: 20Pcs/Box
• Box size:12X15X10 cm
• Packing: Each carton contains 250 box — 5000 pcs



Particle size to filter: 0.075±0.02μm

Bacterial 100%

Dust 100%

Pollen 100%

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