Balance-B is an evaluation and training system that provides multi-parameter analysis of human balance ability through through measurement of accurate data from the seat and stand pressure plates. It utilizes Bio-feedback and Special gravity path training to help patients recover normal balancing ability.


Key Features

  • 1. Accurate data measurement with 8 sensors on the Stand Pressure Plate and 4sensors on the Seat Pressure Plate
  • 2. Adjustable seat height for people with different heights
  • 3. Multi-functional system
    • Balance Evaluation
    • Analysis of different Human balance ability parameters such as center ofgravity and swing coefficient
    • Balance Training:
    • Provides special gravity path training for some rehabilitation evaluation such as stroke and brain injury
    • Bio-feedback to help patients make adjustments accordingly
  • 4. Robust interactive modes and visuals to make training process more enjoyableand to help motivate trainees enthusiasm
  • 5. Data acquisition for
    • Standing
    • Sitting
    • The transition process between sitting and standing

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