Neuro Rehabilitation Portable Device

Neuro Rehabilitation device including accessment, game play and training, stimulations. This system consists of electric stimulation and SEMG, and is mainly used for muscles and nerve training.

There are 4 modules in this device:

  • Contraction: Consists of SEMG Evaluation and Muscle Training test modules.
  • Force Measurement: Consists of Force Evaluation/assessment module.
  • Grab Release: Consists of Pinch Evaluation, Grab and Release Evaluation and Grab and Release Training modules.
  • Stimulation: Consists of TENS, Pre-scripting Stimulation, Free Stimulation, and Feedback Stimulation modules.
Size 172 x 30 x 52mm
Weight 0.505kg (without batteries)
Display 9-inch colored touch-screen LCD
Power Supply
Power DC 12V/1.5A
Stimulation Frequency 1 – 120 Hz
Stimulation Intensity up to 100mA
Stimulation Pulse Width 50 – 500μs
CMRR ≥100dB
Short Circuit Noise ≤0.5μV (RMS)

1. Surface EMG Evaluation (SEMG)

2. Muscle Training

3. Force Measurement

  • Force Evaluation – Upper limb push force

4. Grab and Release

  • Pinch Force Evaluation
  • Grab and Release Evaluation
  • Grab and Release Training

5. Stimulation

  • TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  • Prescriptive Stimulation
  • Freestyle Stimulationg
  • Feedback Stimulation

System Key Features

  • Modern design with 9-inch colored LCD touch screen
  • Portable with compact design integrating EMG assessment, examination and therapy
  • Digitized muscle strength test and rehabilitative training system for extremities
  • Centralized data management system for clinicians’ ease of access to patient’s information
  • User-friendly system helps to increase user satisfaction and adoption


Grab & Release Sensor


Surface Electromyogram

  • Pinch Evaluation
  • Grab & Release Evaluation
  • Force Measurement
  • SEMG Evaluation
  • Muscle Contraction Evaluation

Product Description

NS-RHB-A1 is a limb functional rehabilitative assessment and training system which serves as a multi-functional pack for medical professionals to conduct rehabilitative assessment and training anytime, anywhere.

The great variety of evaluation functions, comprehensive training modules enable clinicians to perform simple yet engaging rehabilitation therapy for patients in medical institutions, families and communities

Device Hardware Features

Modern design

  • 9 inch colored LCD display
  • Touch screen or Press Key Operation

Portable & Compact

  • Integrated EMG Assessment, Examination and Therapy

Ergonomic Accessories

  • Digital measurement

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Can be connected to the PC via Bluetooth adaptor

Device System Features

Multiple Functions

  • Stimulation
  • Examination / Assessment
  • Training

Digitized Tests

  • Muscle Strength test
  • Rehabilitative training for extremities

Centralized Data Management

  • Ease of access to patient information

User-Friendly System

  • Optimized device operation

Examination OPTIONS


Surface EMG (SEMG) Evaluation Muscle Training Test Module

Force Measurement

Force Evaluation

Grab & Release

Pinch Evaluation Grab & Release Evaluation Grab & Release Training Module


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
Prescriptive & Freestyle Stimulation
BioFeedback Stimulation

Software Examination Protocols Features


Main Interface

  • Drop down Menu upon choosing


1.1 Surface Electromyogram

  • Main Interface


1.2 Muscle Feedback Training

  • Main Interface

Force Measurement

2 Force Measurement

  • Drop down Menu upon choosing

Grab & Release

3.1 Pinch Evaluation

  • Main Interface

Grab & Release

3.2 Grab & Release Evaluation

  • Main Interface

Grab & Release

3.2 Grab & Release Training

  • Drop down Menu upon choosing


4.1 TENS

  • Main Interface


4.2 Prescription Stimulation

  • Main Interface


4.3 Free Stimulation

  • Drop down Menu upon choosing


4.4 Feedback Stimulation

  • Main Interface

Evaluation and Training

Muscle Selection Directory

  • Front and Back Muscles

Evaluation and Training


  • SEMG
  • Muscle Force
  • Grasp and Release

Evaluation and Training

Games for Training

  • Different Games for specific types of training
  • SEMG: 5 Training Games
  • Grasp & Release: 4 Training Games

Clinical Applications

Key Summary

Easy to Use

Compact and Portable


Improve Efficiency and Task Management

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