The NS-IOM-E is a touch-screen, user-friendly intraoperative neuromonitoring system available in 4 or 8 channels, which has wide applications for use during different types of surgery.

This device helps reduce the risk of nerve damage during surgery and identify nerve functions before the end of surgery through monitoring of triggered EMG activities in multiple cranial and peripheral nerves. NS-IOM-E is applicable for Facial Nerve, Thyroid, Spinal, ENT and other general surgeries.

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Amplifier Channels8 channels
Stimulation Current0-30mA
Stimulation Frequency1-30Hz
Pulse Width20μs50μs100μs150μs200μs250μs
Event Prompt (Sound & Voice)Electric Knife/Coagulation mute function during monitoring Electrode-off Periodical Alarm (Real-time)
Feedback Display & NotificationVisual display and Audio feedback
Other FeaturesDefault and Customizable procedure setting Data saving and reporting Electrode status checking
Evoked EMG (Acquisition)
Scanning Speed0.1 ms/D0.5 ms/D2 ms/D5 ms/D
10 ms/D20 ms/D100 ms/D200 ms/D
Sensitivity5 uv/D10 uv/D20 uv/D50 uv/D
100 uv/D200 uv/D500 uv/D1,000 uv/D
2,000 uv/D5,000 uv/D10,000 uv/D20,000 uv/D
Free Scanning EMG (Acquisition)
Scanning Speed0.1 ms/D0.5 ms/D2 ms/D
5 ms/D10 ms/D20 ms/D
Sensitivity5 uv/D10 uv/D20 uv/D50 uv/D100 uv/D
200 uv/D500 uv/D1,000 uv/D2,000 uv/D5,000 uv/D
10,000 uv/D20,000 uv/D50,000 uv/D
Stimulation Frequency1-30Hz
Pulse Width50μs100μs150μs200μs250μs
1 Hz2 Hz3 Hz5 Hz
10 Hz20 Hz30 Hz50 Hz
100 Hz200 Hz300 Hz500 Hz
High-cut10 Hz20 Hz30 Hz50 Hz100 Hz
200 Hz300 Hz500 Hz1 KHz2 KHz
3 KHz5 KHz10 KHz
Magnification45 or 1,800 multiple
Notch WaveformUp to 50Hz or 60Hz can be set

IOM Operation Modes

Spontaneous EMG ModeMonitoring ModeSPR Monitoring Mode
Data review and Report GenerationParameter SettingSafety Settings

EMG Endo-tracheal Tube

Disposable Mono-polar Direct Nerve Stimulation Probe

Disposable Ball-tip Direct Nerve Stimulation Probe(Thyroid/Facial Nerve Monitoring)

Disposable Concentric Direct Nerve Stimulation Probe

Disposable Ball-tip Direct Nerve Stimulation Probe(Thyroid/Facial Nerve Monitoring/Spinal Cord Surgery)

Disposable Sub-dermal Needle Electrodes

Disposable Sub-dermal Needle Electrodes(Twisted-pair, Multicolor)

  • IOM Host
  • IOM Modular
  • Pre-amplifier
  • Connection cable
  • Accessories


Smart IOM can support surgeons with the following functions:

  • Identification of nerve and tissues
  • Confirmation of injected nerves and their locations
  • Monitoring of nerve integrity in real-time such as:
    • Thyroidectomy: vagal nerve, SLN, RLN detection during head and neck surgery by monitoring vocal cord muscle response from stimulus
    • Facial nerve monitoring during ENT, oral and maxillofacial surgery by observing the activities of orbicularis oris and orbicularis oculi muscles
    • In SPR surgery, the rootlets that cause spasticity can be identified by examining EMG responses of muscles in the lower extremities when each rootlet is electrically stimulated
    • Other motor nerves during various surgeries
smart iom
ergonomic design

System Key Features

  • Versatile application – can be used for different types of surgeries
    • Variety of stimulation probes for different surgery types
    • Various types of Recording and GND electrodes
    • Smooth EMG Endotracheal tube design
  • Ergonomic design
    • User-friendly interface
    • Fast and Easy navigation through 15-inch touch-screen display
    • Enhanced interface visuals and waveform display (Full-color, wide viewing angle)
  • Four simple user modules – Test / Setup / Patient / Replay
  • Convenient marking function
  • Customizable Parameter settings
  • Create, Save and Import monitoring program templates for specific surgeries to simplify operation and avoid repeated setup
  • Real-time stimulation monitoring
    • Impedance
    • Stimulation intensity
    • Connection status of electrodes and probes
  • Professional SPR monitoring
  • Various Prompts for different EMG trigger settings
  • Clinical Alert signal
    • Upon physiologic wave reaching pre-set threshold value
    • Electrode connection is off
    • Electric knife/ coagulation is working (to open mute function)
  • Technical Warning signal
    • Device is not running properly – communication or battery failure
  • Recording during surgery
    • Waveform Recording – records typical waveforms during different stages of surgery and reflects EMG trend during surgery’s whole duration
    • Event Recording – records various events when exceeding pre-set threshold values
  • Quick change adjustment knobs (Stimulus or Volume levels)
  • Easy to set-up and operate
    • Input patient info
    • Choose surgery setting
    • Place and check electrodes
    • Begin monitoring

Software Modules

1. Test (Monitoring)

2. Setup (Parameter Settings)

  • Electrode Setting
  • Acquisition Setting
  • Voice Setup
  • Display Setting
  • System Setup

3. Patient (Case Management)

  • Patient Info
  • Case Information
  • Testing Information

4. Replay

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