An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a device that measures brain activity. Your brain sends out small electrical impulses all the time. Small sensors called electrodes are put on your scalp during an EEG test. An EEG machine is linked to the electrodes via cables. A specific paste adhesive or paste is used to connect the electrodes.

In this short article, you’ll get an overview of the different types of EEG tests and how do they work.

1. Standard EEG tests 

A typical EEG test is normally performed at a hospital outpatient session. You can sit or lie down during the test. You may be asked to take a few deep breaths and gaze at a flashing light for a few minutes. These activities can alter your brain’s electrical activity, which will be shown on the computer. This can assist the physician in making a diagnosis.

Routine outpatient EEG device recordings typically take 20 to 40 minutes, however, an average session lasts approximately an hour, including some preparation time at the start and some time at the conclusion. EEG recordings of other kinds may take longer. You are free to leave as soon as the exam is completed. Vous pouvez nous joindre gratuitement par téléphone au ou via notre formulaire de contact.

2. Sleep EEG tests

A standard EEG machine is used to perform a sleep EEG examination in the hospital. You may be given medication to help you fall asleep before the test. The exam generally lasts one to two hours, and once you’ve woken up, you may usually go home.

3. Sleep-deprived EEG tests

When you’ve had less sleep than normal, you’ll need to take a sleep-deprived EEG test, which is also performed using a standard EMG machine. Your doctor may instruct you not to sleep at all the night before your sleep-deprived EEG test. They may also want you to get up considerably earlier than normal.

4. Ambulator EEG tests

The term ‘ambulatory’ refers to something that is made for walking. As a result, you can undergo an ambulatory EEG exam while going about your everyday routine. An ambulatory EEG machine is used to track brain activity over a period of hours, days, or weeks. This implies it has a higher possibility of picking up abnormal electrical activity in your brain or a seizure than a conventional or sleep EEG test.

5. Video-telemetry EEG tests

A method incorporating an EEG device and a video recording is referred to as video telemetry. There are two alternatives for lengthier recordings that include video if additional information about your seizures is needed and the physicians wish to observe what happens during your seizures.

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